With the increasing consumer confidence in the Vancouver Real Estate market, Accentuate Home Staging is definitely seeing the emergence of extremely savvy sellers, intent on capitalizing on the improving market.  
Both new and repeat clients are looking for effective ways to merchandise their properties and gain faster and more profitable sales....and they know that Home Staging Works.
Want to make your listing packages more enticing to sellers? Read on for our suggestion plus highlights of a Recent Project to learn about Staging with Art. I also encourage all of you to check out our feature articles Staging Time Management as well as Staging...as Advertised
Many of you have also be asking....do we accept credit cards?   Yes, we accept all forms of payment...cash, cheque, PayPal and all major credit cards.
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Katherine van Leeuwen
Accentuate Home Staging Design Group
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A Recent Project

...Staged with Art & Accessories

Bedroom 1       Office       Bedroom 2

Located at 62 Spruce Court, in Heritage Woods - Port Moody, this exquisite home was recently "accentuated" with our own show home quality home decor. While already well appointed and beautifully furnished, this home still required our "TLC" to give it that welcoming appeal that sells.

How did we do it? With ARTWORK....that often overlooked detail in many homes.  By selecting key artwork pieces to enhance many of the unadourned walls of this gorgeous home, we pulled the look together in a way that complements what the house already has to offer.

Staging with art and accessories is sometimes all that is needed to completely "Set the Stage" and make a lasting impact on potential buyers.   Accentuate Home Staging is proud to offer an extensive selection of artwork and home decor accessories rentals to suit all styles and budgets.   
Call us at 604-328-6479 to learn how Accentuate Home Staging can stage your next listing when all you need are the finishing touches - art & accessories.
Need more than that?....we have a full inventory of stylish rental furnishings as well!
More details about this stunning property can be found on the Team Aragon, Macdonald Realty Ltd. website
Staging....as Advertised
Bedroom Before      Bedroom After

One of the most common challenges that we face in Home Staging, is ensuring that the properties we transform are staged "as advertised".

Staging as advertised is a key strategy to effectively preparing properties for sale.   At Accentuate Home Staging we know that maximizing the potential  and true function of each and every room as described in MLS listings and advertisements is imperative.

Don't risk turning away potential buyers simply because they can't see the advertised features of the house that brought them there in the first place.

Click here for the entire article.

When to stage a Home

...when should you Stage your next property?

One of our primary goals at Accentuate Home Staging, is to support you, the Realtor.  That means making your job of selling any property easier, quicker and more profitable so that you can focus on the pure task of selling.
So when should you stage your next listing?  Is there an optimal time to stage a home that will make things easier on the home owner and the realtor?
In our opinion as expert home stagers, the optimal scenario is to stage a furnished or vacant property just prior to photographing it for MLS and as close to the first agents open or buyer open house as possible.   Why?  This takes any last minute de-cluttering or pre-open house tidying off the sellers plate and ensures that the road is clear for realtors to make that sale!  
Move-out Confusion        MSL Ready - SOLD

But what if the property requires considerable "TLC"

Consider this:  The home owner is moving out and will be selling their property soon after they've vacated.  For now though, the house is a mess....full of moving boxes, rooms are partially furnished and being vacated more and more each day, trades people everywhere...the house is in flux and so is the client.   And I'm betting that you probably don't have the time or energy to stick handle or coodinate this amidst your own busy work load.  

That's when Accentuate Home Staging can help - by advising, coordinating and/or assisting with de-cluttering, downsizing, packing, cleaning, moving, storage needs..   By getting a jump start on preparing the house for sale, we can make your job a whole lot easier.  

Call today at 604.328.6479 and let ACCENTUATE help!
Enticing Listing Packages

Offer clients Home Staging services as part of your listing package

Stand Out in the MarketAdd Accentuate Home Staging services to your next listing package and you'll instantly differentiate yourself from your competition.
Impress your clients with your determination to sell their house faster and for the highest possible price with Accentuate's effective real estate staging strategies.
Home Staging & Colour Consultations
On-site Staging Services - Occupied or Vacant

Offer clients Interior Design services as part of your buyers package  
Thank your next client as they move into their new home with Interior Design services provided by  Accentuate Home Staging.  Impress them with the gift of Design to help them transform their new house in a HOME.

Call today to learn more about our Realtor Referral Program.
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