The summer is heating up and so is the real estate market! Increasing sales also mean increasing competition. There’s no better time than now to stage your properties so that they will “Stand Out in the Market”!

Staged Bedroom

July brought more successes to our staged properties... SOLD in 3 days! Not only did this month's featured property sell quickly, but the rentals were FREE!

Now that we’ve introduced you to the in’s and out’s of a Staging Consultation plus taken you behind the scenes of an Accentuate Vacant Stage and Property Enhancement, we'd like to address some of the more common property challenges that we all come across time and time again.

Size Matters’ will show you how effective home staging can transform the most difficult room shapes and sizes into truly ‘liveable’ spaces that sell. Don’t leave a property’s difficult areas to the buyer’s imagination... SHOW them the potential !

Read on for our most recent vacant staging success, learn more about how ‘Size Matters’, plus our special extended FREE rental offer from Accentuate Home Staging.

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Hot off the press...and SOLD in 3 days!

Klahanie Living Room  - Before

You heard right!... Thanks to the expert efforts of Malou Sales Bassani of Sutton 1st West Realty plus Accentuate’s effective staging with quality rentals this condo was given the added market appeal needed to sell it for top dollar and fast... SOLD in 3 days!


Klahanie Living Room -  AfterLocated at 403-701 Klahanie Drive in Port Moody ( the ‘Lodge’ at Nahanni ), this brand new 840 sq.ft. condominium was ‘accentuated’ with spectacular show home style that reflects the quality construction, finishes and details that the new Polygon community offers. This particular vacant stage engaged one Accentuate stager plus an assistant - setting the stage within 1 day, from delivery of all rental items to hands-on placement of all furniture, art and accessories.

So did the staging work? You bet it did! Staging the property took the small and cramped rooms and transformed them into a ‘liveable’ home that effectively displayed the true potential of the overall space... Size really did matter in the sale of this property!

“After showing the vacant suite, we decided to stage it and it sold in 3 days! . The successful buyer, who had toured the suite 2 times on his own when it was vacant, returned with his wife after the staging was in place. The right price plus Accentuate's staging definitely helped the buyers make that final decision to purchase. People touring the suite were really impressed with the staging and I am very proud that I chose Accentuate. Your service is excellent and I will not hesitate to recommend you to others and to use your expertise in my future listings and in my own house. Thank you very much.”

Malou Sales Bassani
Sutton Group-1st West Realty

Click here for more project photos. More details about this exciting property and others can be found at Malou Sales Bassani, Sutton 1st West Realty.


Furniture That FitsOne of the most common issues we all face when marketing properties for sale are difficult room sizes and shapes. Size really does matter!

We all know that every potential buyer is ‘sizing’ up each listing and imagining if they can realistically live there. Small, cramped and narrow spaces can be the same turn off as too much space. Sales have been lost because a potential buyer can't fathom how their own furniture could squeeze into that small space. On the flip side, overly large spaces can scare off the buyer who imagines that they'll have to purchase a truck load of furniture to fill the house.

Effective home staging can transform the most difficult room shapes and sizes into truly ‘liveable’ spaces that sell. Spend less time helping buyers 'imagine' that they can live in the property and more time SHOWING them! A picture, in person or on MLS, speaks a thousand words. By increasing the demand for the property you’ll increase your potential to sell it fast and for top dollar.

Don’t leave a property’s difficult areas to the buyer’s imagination... SHOW them the potential !

So how does Accentuate tackle matters of ‘size'? Click here for an inside look at what it takes to “accentuate” large or small properties.


...Furniture and Accessories

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Did you know that our furniture and accessories inventory is also available for purchase? This can be a great option for buyers who are looking for instant style in their new home with a ‘one-stop’ shop.

Not a buyer? No worries. Our inventory is available to all. We also provide interior design services and shopping services for anyone needing expert design advice and shopping/sourcing assistance.

Want more details about purchasing inventory? Renting inventory? Staging services? Interior Design services? Shopping and sourcing services?

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