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Living Room - After

Last month we took you behind the scenes of an Accentuate Vacant Stage. But as we know, not all properties are created equal and certainly not all properties are vacant. In fact, most of your listings are very likely still occupied by your clients and their furniture.

And I’m willing to bet that some of those homes were and still are packed to the rafters with furniture, boxes and possessions galore. So much so that it makes your job of selling that house (not its possessions) much more difficult. That’s where Accentuate comes in... to assist home owners and realtors in selling occupied homes faster and for top dollar.

This month we’re offering you some useful information that will help you market the benefits of staging occupied homes to your clients. We’ll take you ‘Behind the Scenes’ of a property enhancement to give you some insight on the process and benefits of staging lived-in properties.

Read on for our most recent property enhancement, learn more about behind the scenes staging of an occupied property, plus an exciting July offer from Accentuate Staging.

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Our most recent project

Port Moody Kitchen  - Before

I’m pleased to feature our latest occupied staging enhancement this month. Located in Port Moody, this family home has just been ‘accentuated’ using all existing furnishings, art and home decor. No rentals here... just the clients’ possessions.


Port Moody Kitchen -  AfterAfter 30+ years in this beautiful 5,000 sq.ft. Port Moody home, our savvy clients were adamant about one thing – Staging Helps Sell Homes! So, before even listing their home, they called upon Accentuate to help them efficiently and effectively de-clutter and enhance the best features of their home.

With spectacular, unobstructed views of the Burrard Inlet and a property resembling a park land oasis, we “set the stage” by minimizing the furniture, re-orienting and re-positioning furniture/art/decor and ensuring that the best features of the home shine through. And all this within 1 day and executed by two expert Accentuate stagers. So how does Accentuate do it? Read on for more details.


Living Room  - Before

Buyers need to identify with a space they can see themselves living in. ACCENTUATE will enhance your home to create a mood that says to the buyer: “Welcome Home”. Working with existing furniture, art and home decor, we enhance or, to coin our own phrase, “accentuate the best features of the house”.

Living Room -  AfterOne of our greatest pleasures in staging occupied homes is welcoming our clients back to their homes after a day of enhancing what they already own. How often is it that we hear the words.. “I had no idea that my home could look so great? I should have done this years ago!” or “I love this house – I wish I could stay!”. These reactions ring true for both sellers and buyers alike.

Our commitment to you is to enhance lived-in spaces so that they show well – in your MLS listings and in live showings. Music to our ears and to yours, I’m sure, is hearing a buyer declare “I love this house – I want to stay”.

A successful property ‘enhancement’ should project a lifestyle that buyers cannot resist. Harness that emotion effectively and you’ve got a quick sale with a great return.

So how does Accentuate do it? Click here for a “Behind the Scenes” look at what it takes to Accentuate a lived-in property...

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