Welcome to our second newsletter.  I hope that you found edition #1 useful and informative.  Accentuate welcomes your comments, suggestions and I’m more than happy to feature articles that you may wish to submit.  I also look forward to featuring any of your listings that we stage on you and your clients behalf.  

Read on for our first featured listing,  learn more about Accentuates vacant staging services, plus a special offer for Accentuate staging.

Thank you for your support.

April proved to be a busy month for Accentuate in our staging business as well as on the marketing front.

Thank you to all of you that dropped by the Tri-City Spring Home Show 2009 and/or the Kerrisdale Spring Home & Garden Show 2009 to see us at our booths. Feedback was extremely positive and from our perspective, homeowners are preparing to re-enter the market, with a stronger appreciation of its competitive nature. The shows were a great success all around and I look forward to participating again next year. 

Accentuate also participated in another local event – the Annual TD Spring Home Show at the Johnson Street branch in Coquitlam. We were honoured as featured speakers to present the business of Home Staging to TD’s customers – What it is, Why it helps sell homes and Tips on how to prepare homes for selling. The interest in Home Staging was outstanding and I know that it will translate into making your jobs
of selling homes easier.

The truth about Vacant Properties —

they make for tough sales.

Imagine a Vacant Property (it’s hard for potential buyers to visualize their furniture, or any furniture there).




Did you know that unfurnished rooms can actually appear smaller than furnished rooms?  Don’t leave it to the buyers’ imagination; make buyers want to move in, not move on!

Still wondering if vacant staging works?   What about this scenario—after 3 months on the market with no furniture in place, you suddenly get 3 offers in 3 days - and it’s SOLD! Well it’s not a pipe dream.  That’s what really happened recently when the Accentuate team staged this home in Burnaby.

I’m pleased to feature our latest vacant staging project this month.  

Located at 2317 Henry Street in Port Moody, this immaculately renovated 2,400 sq.ft. home has just been ‘accentuated’ with show home style that reflects the quality construction, finishes and details that the property offers. This particular vacant stage engaged 2 Accentuate stagers plus an assistant - setting the stage within 1 day, from delivery of all rental items to hands-on placement of all furniture, art and accessories.

More details about this spectacular property can be found directly from Mark Edmonds, Sterling Prudential.  





“The entire set-up and placement was seamlessly executed and reflected the look and feel that we hoped to convey. Realtors and prospective buyers could feel the heart of the home and the staging created an excitement for the 'LIFESTYLE' the home offered. Subtle, understated and PERFECT! Was it a great house ? Yes. Was it made into an exceptional/compelling home with the staging ? DEFINITELY !!

“We look forward to working with you again Katherine and will definitely recommend your services to others.”

Jeff - Port Moody

At well under 1% of the list price of the property

How can you not afford to stage a vacant home with Accentuate?

Accentuate Vacant Staging starts at $1,500*

Our Staging Services include:

• Consultation with you or the home owner to determine the winning furnishing strategy
• Sourcing & selection of the perfect rentals to expertly market the best features of the home
• Set up of furniture and accessories by 2 expert stagers plus an assistant ( typically within 1 day)
• Delivery of art and accessories to home plus removal of all items at the end of the rental term

* Rental and furniture moving costs extra

May discounts on Rental Furnishings and Accessories!

Even in a slower market, there’s no better way to showcase a vacant property than to stage it with rental furnishings and accessories.  Purchase an Accentuate staging package in May and your rentals will be discounted 50%.

“Accentuate” your properties now and go from ‘old’ to 'SOLD' !