As the fall season approaches, we hope all of you took time for yourselves with a little summer rest and relaxation. For everyone affected by the devastating fires throughout BC this summer, our thoughts are with you. This summer has truly re-rooted our appreciation of family, friends and protecting our environment. We wish everyone affected a speedy return to ‘normal’ life.

Not Me!

Not only was the weather hot this summer, but so was the real estate market. With the summer holiday season now over and kids returning to school, many sellers will be entering the market again... ready to catch the current wave of sales. Let’s make this fall season one of rising sales!

This August at Accentuate, we found ourselves faced with one of the most common staging challenges for realtors, sellers and stagers alike... staging an occupied home for a family with young children.

How do families do it? ...maintaining an ‘open house ready’ home while managing the day to day challenges of work, raising a young family, AND packing up to move? Toys, hobbies, packing must go on!

As home stagers, our challenge is to provide a staging solution that young families can “live” with.

Read on for our most recent occupied staging enhancement, staging with Kids in ‘Behind the Scenes’, plus our special extended FREE rental offer from Accentuate Home Staging.

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...our most recent occupied ‘enhancement’ project

Cortes Living Room  - Before

I’m pleased to feature our latest occupied staging enhancement this month. Located at 3222 Cortes Avenue in Coquitlam, the key rooms of this 3 bedroom and den family home have just been ‘accentuated’ using a mix of existing furnishings plus Accentuate rental art and home décor.


Cortes Living Room -  AfterThe stage was set by re-orienting and re-positioning the existing living and family room furniture plus supplementing those areas and the dining room with quality furniture/art/décor rentals. The final result... an effectively staged home that this family with young children can feel comfortable ‘living’ in while easily maintaining for upcoming open houses. And all this within one day - by 1 expert Accentuate stager. So how did we do it? Read on for more details.

Click here for more project photos. More details about this exciting property and others can be found at Malou Sales Bassani, Sutton 1st West Realty.


Staging with kids

Staging with KidsHere’s a common scenario that I’m sure is all too familiar to many of you. Your listing has great promise, your client is motivated to sell – a text book Win/Win arrangement... right?

But look closely... your clients are raising small children, working and preparing for move day... Their lifestyle is busy – sports, games, sleepovers, packing... you name it.

It’s a fact that the property needs staging to increase its market appeal – but how can you suggest staging a home and expect the young family to maintain it for open houses? And what about the rentals... children and furniture (most notably breakables) don’t always mix well. Child safety is a valid concern.

Accentuate Home Staging is faced with this scenario time and time again. In fact, our feature project this month posed this exact challenge.

So how does Accentuate tackle this family home? Click here for an inside look at what it takes to Accentuate occupied properties that kids can live in.

MLS Photos...

...provided by Accentuate

Detail 1  Detail 2  Detail 3  Detail 8

To coin a phrase, “A picture speaks a thousand words” and there’s no better evidence of that than with the addition of your staged listings on MLS!

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...Furniture and Accessories

Detail 1  Detail 2  Detail 3  Detail 4

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